Contact us L'heure des vacances a sonné pour, nous rentrerons le 22 août 2022 tirées à 4 savons, pour vous satisfaire avec nos savons de folie ! Les commandes repartiront à partir du 22 août aussi ! Merci de votre compréhension. Bel été à tous. A vite.

It's time for vacations for, we will be back on August 22th, to satisfy you with our amazing soaps ! The orders will start again from the 22th of august too ! Thank you for your understanding. Nice summer to all. See you soon.

3 Soaps in a Bar. For Him

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La Folie Savon, 3 Soaps in a Bar. For Him.

The Customized Gift Box Thought and weighed.

Because Good Soaps make Good Friends.

To offer, in a gift box, from four soaps, more or less. Rather more!

Or To make you a real pleasure, A bon entendeur, Savons! To good hear, Soaps !

3 different soaps of about 100g each ( The bar of about 300g). Ivy, Havana, Aloe Vera Gel soaps.