Le Comptoir des Savonniers Paris devient La Folie Savon
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La Folie Savon - Paris

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La Folie Savon, The Relaxing Moisturizing Soap.

La Folie Savon Moisturizing-Relaxing, Handcrafted, by the cut, Unique.

I choose La Folie Savon which washes, nourishes my skin, and relaxes me. Face, Body and Hands

La Folie Savon Moisturizing Relaxing, delicate, offers you with each toilet, the ideal moisturizing relaxing care, adjusted to your particular skin, sensitive, dry, very dry, mixed, oily, with problems.

Because it is endowed with qualitative and targeted ingredients, each soap without soap gently washes, perfumes and deeply nourishes.

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The cherry on the soap is that La Folie Savon Hydratant Relaxant boasts additional ingredients: relaxing perfume, essential oil, gel or vegetable oil.
La Folie Savon, tell me which is best for ME ? The goal is to satisfy your thoughts, relaxed and positive, the least skin, even if it is very capricious.

Soap yourself, My Beautiful Soap will help you.

I adopt La Folie Relaxing Moisturizing Soap that soothes me, relaxes me. Because the day to come, neat and smiling, belongs to those who soap themselves well, take the time to find your nugget.

Soap for the Face, Body, Hands. By the cut and by weight, 100, 150, 200, 500 gr, 1, 2 kg.

Contact us L'heure des vacances a sonné pour lasoliesavon.com, nous rentrerons le 22 août 2022 tirées à 4 savons, pour vous satisfaire avec nos savons de folie ! Les commandes repartiront à partir du 22 août aussi ! Merci de votre compréhension. Bel été à tous. A vite.

It's time for vacations for lasoliesavon.com, we will be back on August 22th, to satisfy you with our amazing soaps ! The orders will start again from the 22th of august too ! Thank you for your understanding. Nice summer to all. See you soon.


    48-72h, from Tuesday to Friday, and even within the day in Paris by bike ecological delivery


    24h from Tuesday to Friday, in our shop 32 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006 Paris

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    In the heart of Paris, since 2013, La Folie Savon has been distilling its most beautiful notes, perfumes and advice, laughter and secrets.

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