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The Team and the shop

The team and the Shop

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The Boutique La Folie Savon breathes in the Left Bank of the River in Paris.  It distills its most beautiful Notes, Soaps, Perfumes, Tips, all sprinkled with Stories to dazzle.

La Folie Savon, a small store with the appearance of a cabinet of curiosities,
A craft savoir-faire, luxurious and captivating fragrances,
And three funny ladies, with their hearts on the soap, at your service.

La Folie Savon, Left Bank, in Paris.

Soaps by the slice, an artisanal savoir-faire, a passionate, enthusiastic, welcoming and generous team: La Folie Savon is the temple of soap, a sweet and delicious experience, where perfumes and laughter take flight.

boutique mon beau savon

La boutique La Folie Savon,
A Treasure in Paris

The Boutique La Folie Savon breathes in the Rive Gauche in Paris.  It distills its most beautiful Notes, Soaps, Perfumes, Tips, all sprinkled with Stories to dazzle.

In Paris’ Left Bank, in the heart of Saint Germain des Près, La Folie Savon Boutique breathes with you, with us, and our “violins d’Ingres», our precious jewels. Since2003, our boutique which might seem like a curios shop, distills its most beautiful notes: soaps, perfumes, different objects, advices, laughter, secrets, all sprinkled with incredible stories.  Our luxury goods made with the most talented craftmanship and the best ingredients to conquer the most sensitive skin, are sold at the stall, as in our markets, by the cut and by weight on the old counter at the beginning of the century.

La Folie Savon,
at the Feminine, at the Counter

La Folie Savon, At the counter in the store, 

Three funny ladies, The heart on the soap.

La Folie Savon, tell me who is behind the glass, the counter, the mirror, the knife, the bubble? Who makes the sunshine and the beautiful soap in the store? Three funny ladies come and go, find themselves there, take refuge there, abandon themselves there, depending on the season, with their hearts on the soap. They give the impression of being made of soap flesh, so many colored passions in a concentrate of life. From the morning, they put the bubble to the ear, the nose, the skin, the hair. It’s a soap shot, La Folie Savon, King of skins and smiles, a daily antidote against all dryness, including the spirit. The small magic stones offer colors to life, softness to the body, sublimated by enchanting perfumes. Let them breathe their strength into us. Our three funny ladies, freshly soaped, twirl around, always with their heads in their soaps.

La Folie Savon,
Listening, At your service

La Folie Savon, At your listening, At your stories, At your service. 

La Folie Savon will have us singing in the shower.

Listening, to your words, to your stories, to your service. The three funny ladies always come back to their soaps, put the little ones in the place of the big ones, or inversely, of the tastes and colors of their adored customers, there is no need to discuss. So we talk about elsewhere, here, about the soul, we talk about soaps, memories to soap up, current events on the board, we pass the soap on the darkest feelings, we hit the bell, proud guardian of soaps, we reinterpret the fragrances to make its own song. We wash our minds, serious or laughing, before leaving with the wonderful tool, the chosen one, the one that meets the expectation of the moment, the color of the day, tailored to demand. Because everything comes in good time for those who know how to soap themselves, La Folie Savon will offer its thousand softnesses to all skins and hair. To not feel like it anymore. The perfumes fly away, in the literal sense, in velvet skin, as in the figurative sense, in a score of well-being. Certainly, La Folie Savon will make us all sing in the shower and all day long.


48-72h, from Tuesday to Friday, and even within the day in Paris by bike ecological delivery


24h from Tuesday to Friday, in our shop 32 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006 Paris

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Service with a smile, Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 7 pm

In the heart of Paris, since 2013, La Folie Savon has been distilling its most beautiful notes, perfumes and advice, laughter and secrets.

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