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Soap by the Cut

Soap by the cut

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La Folie Savon, 

Cut to size, Made to measure,

Unique, For You

La Folie Savon, Tell me your uniqueness.

It is cut with an unsharpened knife, Made to measure. La Folie Savon can be adjusted by weight, packed and taken away. In your own hands

From the block to the piece, the soap is personalized, cut like butter, with an unsharpened knife,
its tenderness and shine are revealed, according to your wishes. For each request there is a soap.

The magic of the knife, the savoir-faire, the turn of hand. Made-to-measure, for you.

La Folie Savon,Cut and Measured
Uniquely For You

La Folie Savon, Beautiful Soap, Tell me your uniqueness. It is cut with a knife to your desired weight, paid by the pound, wrapped, and carried away by your own hands.

La Folie Savon, Beautiful Soap, tell me what your uniqueness is. The ceremony takes place on the old counter:  from the 11 pound block to the single piece, we skillfully make the cut. Given the very soft ingredients, the knife will not be sharpened and will slice this precious stone like butter.   It’s the magic of the blade, the know-how by sight, the fashioned and assured turn of hand. The grams are measured, calculated and each request satisfied. La folie Davon, Beautiful Soap is weighed, wrapped, and priced equally for all customers.  Finally, it gets carried away, it lathers and it dazzles. And of course, My Beautiful hand cut and preciously wrapped soap, is handed over to your own hands.

La Folie Savon,
A price by weight, Nothing too much

La Folie Savon, Tell me your price. It adjusts itself according to the weight, packed and taken away.

For each request, there is a soap. Once cut, unique, La Folie Savon corresponds to the very personal gauge of our beloved customers. Depending on the weather or the mood, it is weighed and packed, or packed and weighed. It can also be packed by itself or with others, in colorful bars. Sometimes it can even be slipped directly into the soap box brought for that purpose. The perfect little cube gets its sticker and is personalized by its stage name, Mon Amaranthe, Du Miel et d’épices, Verveine Basilic, L’homme qui chante. 

He answers to a desire, The desire like gold, to the gram. For the sake of transparency, it is weighed on a verified and periodically labeled scale, which, for the sake of equality, converts the weight into a price, the same for all. A universal base of 10,20€ for 100 grams of soap. 

Tailor-made, luxury, sold at the stall as a delicacy, a bulk sale, just what you need. Of course, La Folie Savon, adjusted, customized, paid on the nail, is handed over in person, by soap acquisition.

savons coupe rouge
savon coupe belu

La Folie Savon, Rigorous, Economical, To be shaped

La Folie Savon, Tell me your requirements. To the little care. 

Whoever wants to make the best use of all its qualities and keep it for a long time, is careful with his mount. 

The soft, colored and perfumed stone erodes under the effect of water. It is not a wet soap, it faces the drops but prefers to sleep dry. With time, it will take on a more rounded shape, shaped and tamed by your hand. Forget the shower gel, adopt La Folie Savon, economical to the one who knows how to use it and take care of it, as it takes care of you. It can last a very long time. 

So don’t throw the soap away with the bath water, it’s the daily jewel that will wash you, cuddle your skin, and make you sing with joy when you wash and in the light of day. 

A soap, a care, a perfume, a caress for the day.


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In the heart of Paris, since 2013, La Folie Savon has been distilling its most beautiful notes, perfumes and advice, laughter and secrets.

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