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The Luxurious Ingredients

The Luxurious Ingredients

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La Folie Savon, 

Luxurious ingredients

and subtle fragances.

Wonderful ingredients, rare and subtle fragrances, La Folie Savon is a jewel for my skin, my body and my senses. Ô La Folie Savon, tell me what is your secret for my skin to be so beautiful.

La Folie Savon, tell me your luxurious ingredients. 

Selections of glycerin and vegetable oils, butters, plant extracts, essential oils, perfumes of the high perfumery.

Superfatted, Soda-free and Soap-free soap. 

huile precieuse

La Folie Savon,
Tell Me Your Luxurious ingredients

La Folie Savon, Beautiful Soap, Tell me your luxurious Ingredients. Selections of glycerin, vegetable oils, butters, perfumes. Oil enriched Soap without sodium hydroxide and alkali

La Folie Savon, Beautiful Soap, tell me what your luxurious ingredients are. The soap maker has selected the best, his Soap will be King. He appreciates cleansing and moisturizing glycerin and vegetal oils, nourishing butters, unanimously selected plant extracts, fragrant essential oils, high end refined perfumes. His credo: do for others what he would do for himself. Every element seems to him to be the best ever made. “A Soap, A Care, A Perfume» with respect for each skin. His Soap is enriched by his knowledge, his creativity, 95% of natural origin, he will be rich without Sodium hydroxide and alkali. O La folie Savon, beautiful Soap, Tell me what your Secret is so that my skin is so beautiful.

La Folie Savon,
Tell me your so refined perfumes

Selection of refined, delightful fragrances.

Ô my beautiful Soap, tell me what are your so refined perfumes.

Because routine cleansing can become a pleasant ritual not only of cleanliness and beauty, but also of pleasure, a luxurious fragrance enters up to 4% of the skin of La Folie Savon. Generous, it is a choice, of king. It comes from the greatest creators of fragrances, most of them based in Grasse. Each scented soap is not only a caress for the skin, but also a promise for the soul, a return to the sources, an emotion, a memory, an atmosphere, a smile, a signature, what else ? The nose, sensitive to the slightest nuances, will sublimate its character. The perfume of La Folie Savon makes one stone with two : It diffuses its atmospheric music, bewitching, day and night, and reveals its most powerful notes under water. And yes, La Folie Savon Perfumed Soap will make us all sing in the shower, for sure.


La Folie Savon,
Superfatted, Soda Free and Soap Free

Perfumed, Soft and Surgras Soap,
Ô La Folie Savon, Without Soda and Without Soap.

Ô La Folie Savon, tell me your secret for my skin to be so beautiful. We will not turn around the soap, more than 90% of the ingredients are of natural origin. The creator and the soap maker, hand in hand, adapt over the years since 2004, their ingredients always unmatched. It is according to their experience, their personality and their nose, according to the novelties, their desires and their curiosity, according to the new French and European regulations and the scientific advances, according to the fashions and the demands, exigent. But never ô never, they will change the basis of their credo. La Folie Savon Parfumed is Surgras, Soda Free and Soap Free, and it will remain so. A delicacy for all skins. Soap Promised Soap Due. Ô La Folie Savon, A well soaped man, well scented is twice as good. The force is with you.


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In the heart of Paris, since 2013, La Folie Savon has been distilling its most beautiful notes, perfumes and advice, laughter and secrets.

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