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La Folie Savon of the Woods and Forests, a moisturizing and fragrant care, offers you a sweet sylvan ballad with each wash.

Because it has a luxurious, generous and powerful fragrance, each soap is a true ambiance perfume.

From Landes Pine to giant Eucalyptus, from creeping Ivy to Oak Moss, from heady Sandalwood to oriental Oud…

Soap yourself, La Folie Savon will help you.

While the emulsified oils take care of your body, let yourself be carried away by these woody fragrances with a thousand subtleties.

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A nourishing and fragrant pleasure for all skin types.

Soap for the Face, the Body, the Hands. Several weights, 100, 150, 200, 500 gr. 1, 2 kg.


    48-72h, from Tuesday to Friday, and even within the day in Paris by bike ecological delivery


    24h from Tuesday to Friday, in our shop 32 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006 Paris

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    In the heart of Paris, since 2013, La Folie Savon has been distilling its most beautiful notes, perfumes and advice, laughter and secrets.

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