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5 Stars Soaps in a Bar. For The Ideal Family

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La Folie Savon, 5 Soaps in a Bar. For The Ideal Family.

The Customized Gift Box Thought and weighed.

Because Good Soaps make Good Friends.

To offer, in a gift box, from four soaps, more or less. Rather more!

Or To make you a real pleasure, A bon entendeur, Savons! To good hear, Soaps !

5 different soaps of about 100g each ( The bar of about 500g). Aloe Vera Gel, Royal Passion, My Amaranth, Hemp My Beautiful Hemp, Raspberry Soaps. 56€



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La Folie Savon, For the Ideal family. 5 Stars Soaps in a Bar. Approximately 500gr, 56€

Ispahan Musk Rose, Calendula Flowers, Orange Blossom, Wild Strawberry, My Amaranth

Our ideal gift will fit them like a Soap

An eclectic, committed, supportive, gourmet, restorative, enchanting, respectful, open, colorful selection… And so many benefits for the spirit and the skin of all, in its winter quarters. The union, The strength.
Like them all.
So that love and joy remain, without moderation.

Ispahan Musk Soap, moisturizing; Like the courtly troubadour, the rose remains faithful to ancient Persia. Its noble perfume, soft, subtle, powdery, will make you see La vie en rose, precious, romantic. Legendary. And eternally current.

Calendula Flower Soap, particularly moisturizing, soothing, regenerating. The marigold flower, known as “belle de jour”, blooms and ripens in the sun, distilling its subtle fragrance. It repairs the most damaged and fragile skin. No worries. A tested and widely approved darling.

Orange Blossom Soap, moisturizer, acclaimed for its intense fragrance, takes us beyond the Mediterranean. With the faithful accents of the ancestral white flower, elegant, that the sun embraces. Bewitching.

Strawberry Soap, moisturizing, Little red jewel of the undergrowth, the tiny strawberry, very shy, offers a unique concentrated perfume, acidulous, greedy in any season. Rare and mischievous.

Mon Amaranthe Soap, moisturizing, chic and sensual, with the literary meaning of immortal.

The choice: Elected by a demanding and confident Jury in life, Choices of Soaps-Kings and Queens, voted since last October 31, By a Jury closely soaped, with the easy sponge, acquired with the noses of all their customers, Alert with the ambient times, and closer to the moods of Saint Germain des Près. Language of Soaps

Because Les Bons Savons make Les Bons Amis, this is an ideal gift

The Customized Gift Box of Chouchous, Moisturizing, Scented Soaps, Cut, Weighed, Coated, Labeled, Cashiered and Quickly Handed Over. Made in LaFolieSavon, Paris.

To offer, drawn to Four Soaps, rather Five in fact. Le Club des Barrettes, 5 Scented Soaps, Voilà.

Or To offer to oneself, One is never as well served as by oneself. Let’s hear it, Soaps!

5 different soaps of about 100 gr each (i.e. the bar of about 500gr). Soaps Rose Hip of Isfahan, Calendula Flowers, Orange Blossom, Wild Strawberry, My Amaranth

When beautiful soaps meet…

And because good soaps make the most beautiful skins, this is an ideal gift.

– Skin type: normal, mixt to dry, very dry, fragile
– Usage: face, body, hands
– Format: by the cut, 100g nearly each soap
– Appearance: translucent or opaque
– Fragrance: strong
– Perfume : Aloe Vera Gel, Royal Passion, My Amaranth, Hemp My Beautiful Hemp, Raspberry

Soap yourself, La Folie Savon will help you

The drop of water will make the cream soap overflow.

Wet the skin, face, body and hands. Turn off the water.

Put your hand in the soap and rub it all over wet skin, put it down and massage generously. Breathe in. Under the water, the fragrance of each soap takes on its full strength, its flight, perfumes your senses and your environment.

Everything comes in good time to those who know how to soap.

Scrub with broken soaps, you wash, and at the same time, you obtain a cream more and more unctuous. It is an emulsion resulting from the active mixture of vegetable oils and water. Take your time, the time of the caresses of the soul and the body.

You can also wet your hand, take a little soap in its hollow, then massage until you obtain the soapy cream. With this cream, wash your body, your face.

The more you massage, the more you create matter. And, the more you take the time to soap yourself and the more the emulsified oils nourish your skin. Who sows the cream, reaps the soft skin.

Perfumes fly away, softness settles in.

Wait a few seconds, even a minute. Rinse and dry your skin properly. Your skin will be clean, nourished, soft and lightly scented.

Every day has its own soap.

In the realm of daily care, La Folie Perfumed Moisturizing Soap is King.

For more comfort, or at certain times of the year or of life, you can complete your daily cleansing care with oils or moisturizing creams.

Scalded soap fears stagnant water.

A little maintenance advice. Take care of your soap as it takes care of you, keep it dry.


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