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Charlotte’s Red Design Soap Dish

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La Folie Savon, The Soap dish with Charlotte’s red design, enamelled stoneware, a unique and charming piece.

An ideal art object to take care of your soap, it envelops it and facilitates its drying in complete serenity.

So that the soap can accompany you for a longer time.

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La Folie Savon, The Soap dish with Charlotte’s red design, enamelled stoneware, a unique and charming piece. Ideal art object to take care of your soap, it coats it and facilitates its drying in all serenity. So that it stays with you longer.

The right soap dish prolongs its youth.

Because scalded soap fears stagnant water.

So what is the ideal soap dish? The cherry under the soap.


It is not a question of locking the soap block in its ivory tower once your skin is soaped, but of protecting it from water, that which could come from the outside (the shower for example) or that which clung to it during washing.

The Air

Like a sculpture, the Soap must dry in its entirety; it is the power of Air, the invisible but effective must that circulates. The elusive air eliminates the drops, and the soap dries all the faster because it is full of vegetable oils. Oil and water are like cats and dogs; they don’t mix well and oil won’t let water overflow. Emulsifying is enough!

Earth, Fire, Turn and Charlotte’s Turn of Hand

Charlotte Castro, the philosophy student, has soaped her mind to the core to come up with the best of Earth and Fire through her magnificent creations, her pottery wheel for her Earths, and her genius twist of hand. It is in Montreuil that she conceives very personal objects in stoneware (in porcelain and other malleable materials), sometimes embellishing them with her so beautiful colored drawings, by transfer or directly with the oxide, matt or brilliant enamels. And the test of fire orchestrates all the nuances.

For her soap dish, Charlotte does not turn around the soap but her unique object: stoneware to be shaped, lines to be invented, glazes to be applied, two or more firings, according to the colors, irregular rounded edges, the hollow with ideal slopes so that the soap does not escape, her few holes so that the water runs off and the air circulates, and finally, her fine and delicate drawings that subtly emerge from the depths.

Charlotte offers us the opportunity to acquire a unique object, handcrafted and artistic, efficient and charming. An object of art to the bathroom. To make live, La cerise sous le Savon, The cherry under the soap. All you have to do is have your soap made to measure. The soap will rejoice.

Handcrafted soap dish

Unique piece

Some holes

Enameled sandstone

Size : 9 x 8 cm

About 60 gr

Color : grey and red

La Folie Savon, The Soap dish with Charlotte’s red design, Avoid putting water in your soap.

It’s the Touch of Soap, dry, and fast!

Find the right place to install your ideal Soap Dish.

Rounded shape, perfect figure, its edges pride themselves on their cheerful curl. Thus personalized, this object of art, of beautiful quality, proves to be ideal to lay down the wonderful soap. It fits into its half-shell, airy, releasing its most beautiful assets.

The day begins or ends well, certainly.

The object is not unbreakable. A minimum of precaution is required.


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