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Cucumber Soap

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La Folie Savon, Cucumber Soap, moisturizing, Fluorescent green in color, particularly moisturizing, with cucumber extracts, it takes care of your skin: it purifies, soothes, regenerates, moisturizes, refreshes, protects and perfumes.

A little gem of freshness on a summer morning, straight from the garden.

La Folie Savon, Cucumber Soap, moisturizing, Fluorescent green in color, particularly moisturizing, with cucumber extracts, it takes care of your skin: it purifies, soothes, regenerates, moisturizes, refreshes, protects and perfumes.

A little gem of freshness on a summer morning, straight from the garden.


Cucumber, Cucumis Sativus

The Cucumis Sativus, from the cucurbitaceae family (like the melon, the squash or the pumpkin), is an annual herbaceous plant whose cultivated fruit is elongated, green and fleshy, and eaten like a vegetable. Fresh in summer, it is a delight.

Let’s note some rather funny names and nicknames : Pickle of the Antilles, Snake cucumber, Combro, Spiny cucumber, Mini, Antillé or Metulon, Stem of the Priest, Green Jaubier, Horned melon, …

Domesticated in India more than 3000 years ago, widely developed by the Greeks and the Latins, known in France since Charlemagne, the fruit has gradually evolved and today counts no less than 870 varieties in Europe. It is one of the most appreciated vegetables for its freshness (internal temperature lower than the ambient temperature), its water content up to 97%, its low calorie content, and finally its components with ideal virtues for the skin.

The Cucumber is celebrated on June 25th in the Republican calendar (7th day of Messidor), the day after rosemary, the day before shallots and the day before absinthe. A summer star.

In our soap knowing how to soap up, the cucumber extract is just right for daily cleansing.


The benefits of Cucumber, for a Bellissima Bella skin

96% of water for 4% of matter rich in vitamins and minerals (silica, iron, phosphorus, potassium, …), the cucumber decongests, soothes, softens and heals. Refreshing, it relieves itching, redness or other sunburns. It cleanses, boosts the radiance of the skin, improves its elasticity until restoring the lipidic film. And adapted to all the skins.

Our Cucumber Soap can be used as a Mask whose fragrance transports to the heart of the fruit.

A Green Gold Medal that puts our favorite Cucumber Soap on the podium of leading soaps.


The Cucumber Mask, as a comic book hero

The Masked Cucumber, “Concombre Masqué”, created in 1965, has fascinated readers of Vaillant, Pif Gadget, then Pilote, or in comics for more than half a century. Its author, Nikita Mandryka, alias Kalkus, a philosopher with an unconventional sense of humor, offers a world that is offbeat to the point of absurdity. Anthropomorphic vegetables, cucumbers and other radishes like his faithful friend Chourave, evolve in the middle of the spider on the ceiling, the elephants playing cards in their cactus-blockhaus, the Great Patatoseur, the enemy of all time, …

Reinvented writing, deliriums just targeted, sharp sense of derision, common sense and nonsense, the comic book of the Masked Cucumber stands out by its freshness, its originality and its quality. The world and its questions, an inexhaustible subject, for our greatest pleasure.

The series received the 2005 Angoulême Heritage Prize. Octave Mirbeau’s short story, The Fugitive Cucumber, could be a source of inspiration.

– Skin type: oily, normal, mixt to dry, fragile, very dry
– Usage: face, body, hands
– Format: by the cut, 100g, 150g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg
– Appearance: translucent
– Fragrance: soft
– Perfume : Cucumber

Soap yourself, La Folie Savon will help you

The drop of water will make the cream soap overflow.

Wet the skin, face, body and hands. Turn off the water.

Put your hand in the soap and rub it all over wet skin, put it down and massage generously. Breathe in. Under the water, the fragrance of Cucumber takes on its full strength, its flight, perfumes your senses and your environment.

Everything comes in good time to those who know how to soap.

Scrub with broken soaps, you wash, and at the same time, you obtain a cream more and more unctuous. It is an emulsion resulting from the active mixture of vegetable oils and water. Take your time, the time of the caresses of the soul and the body.

You can also wet your hand, take a little soap in its hollow, then massage until you obtain the soapy cream. With this cream, wash your body, your face.

The more you massage, the more you create matter. And, the more you take the time to soap yourself and the more the emulsified oils nourish your skin. Who sows the cream, reaps the soft skin.

Perfumes fly away, softness settles in.

Wait a few seconds, even a minute. Rinse and dry your skin properly. Your skin will be clean, nourished, soft and lightly scented.

Every day has its own soap.

In the realm of daily care, La Folie Perfumed Moisturizing Soap is King.

For more comfort, or at certain times of the year or of life, you can complete your daily cleansing care with oils or moisturizing creams.

Scalded soap fears stagnant water.

A little maintenance advice. Take care of your soap as it takes care of you, keep it dry.


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